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The goal of Animation Complex is to look at animation through a critical, historical, and academic lens via writing, podcasts, and videos. We want people to look at animation as the artform it is, and educate them about the various ways it affects and is affected by our culture.

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Blue Sky Studios Greenwich CT

Bluer Skies Ahead

When I decided to take this site offline for a bit to redo the whole thing, I wasn’t expecting it to happen when some of the biggest news hit me and so many of my friends. Exactly two months later and I still haven’t fully processed the news.

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To be successful in this field, you need to become a problem solver with good observation skills and a desire to create things. You never stop learning in this field. You face new challenges with every new project, many of which require innovative solutions that you must discover on your own.

William Vaughan, Digital Modeling

Watch: Craig McCracken Interview

I had a chance to sit down with the prolific showrunner and discuss his latest show, Kid Cosmic.