10,000 Hour Rule

While not specific to animation, the concept of the 10,000 hour rule certainly makes its way through the community, from students, masters, and everyone in between. It’s a perpetual topic for creatives. The rule, popularized by writer Malcolm Gladwell (my high school art teacher used to read to us from Blink while we mediated…), arguesContinue reading “10,000 Hour Rule”

ARRAY 101 and the Power of Film Literacy

With all of the recent news in the US–particularly the disproportionate rates that black Americans experience police violence (3.5 times more likely to be killed by police when they’re not attacking or even have a weapon), it can be strange to write about film and animation. But I’ve always felt that media is an importantContinue reading “ARRAY 101 and the Power of Film Literacy”

My Thoughts as an Animation Educator

I started teaching storyboarding in a university’s animation program last fall, and am teaching a second class this spring semester. And now my time with my students together in person was unceremoniously cut short. With classes online (which I agree with) for the rest of the semester, here are my personal thoughts as an animationContinue reading “My Thoughts as an Animation Educator”

My Experience with SIGGRAPH

As my various social media feeds update, I am continually reminded that another year is going by where I am not at SIGGRAPH. While the friends I’ve made from SIGGRAPH salt the wound with their photos of the beautiful waterfront Vancouver convention center, I am reminded that it’s my five year anniversary attending my firstContinue reading “My Experience with SIGGRAPH”

Why Should We Study Animation? Video

Animation was not always something that I looked at so rigorously. It wasn’t until I got to college and began studying animation–both as an artist and as an academic–that I began to seeĀ it from a brand new point of view, and my love for it deepened and expanded in so many ways. This site isContinue reading “Why Should We Study Animation? Video”