The Cartoon Brew Podcast

This week, animation news site Cartoon Brew launched their new podcast. Hosted by…me! I remember being a college student, checking Cartoon Brew daily, grasping for anything I could about this elusive industry, to being in the industry, understanding the news I was reading on a deeper level having gone through some of it myself. ItContinue reading “The Cartoon Brew Podcast”

Animation Complex Newsletter #1

Last week I sent out my first Animation Complex newsletter. You can read it in full here. They’ll come out monthly, and be one part blog roundup and one part general thoughts about what’s going on that month. If you’re interested in subscribing you can do so here. This first newsletter is especially good toContinue reading “Animation Complex Newsletter #1”

Finishing an Animated Short

While I wrapped up my schooling, this site took an unofficial hiatus. A year ago, I left my job at Blue Sky and returned to SVA in NYC, where I’d started on my MFA in computer animation in 2012. Overwhelmed, I switched to attending part time in my second year, before dropping out completely shortlyContinue reading “Finishing an Animated Short”

Purposeful Mistakes

I’ve let this site get too precious, so it’s time to make some purposeful mistakes. It’s one thing to want each post to be of a certain quality, to have a standard, but what good is that standard if it prevents you from actually posting? That’s where the idea of purposeful mistakes came up, whileContinue reading “Purposeful Mistakes”

Welcome to Animation Complex

Welcome to Animation Complex. This is a newly created site intended to be a resource for people who want to learn more about animation in  historical and cultural context. Animation is an amazing medium–it can tackle literally any subject matter, be targeted at any age group or type of person, and convey any type of emotion. It canContinue reading “Welcome to Animation Complex”