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Interviewing Glen Keane About Feature Directorial Debut “Over the Moon” [Video]

With the Oscars this weekend, I realized I never shared an interview I did last year with Glen Keane about his Oscar-nominated film, Over the Moon.

Now, I’ve had the privilege of attending a Glen Keane talk. He visited Blue Sky twice while I was there, once to give a general artist talk and demo, and a second time with Kobe Bryant to promote their soon-to-be Oscar-winning short, Dear Basketball. I’ve also sat next to him at a screening, but was too shy to say anything! But if you’d told younger me that I’d have a chance to sit with him one-on-one and discuss his feature directorial debut, I don’t know if I’d have believed you.

His name is one of the more recognizable ones my generation grew up hearing about, right smack in the middle of the Disney Renaissance. His work speaks for itself, but it’s also a treasure to hear him speak about his work. He still has such a passion and drive to learn and grow, he still takes so much care with his craft. It’s an enviable attitude I can’t help but feel is sincere. I’m sure like anyone, Keane has experienced ups and downs in his career, and has likely had brushes with the parts of the industry that would make anyone jaded. But he has an infectious grace about him that I hope the interview below conveys even the slightest hint of:

The interview was done as part of INBTWN Animation, a partner site of Cartoon Brew, who I’ve worked with quite a bit.

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