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Joanna Quinn Interview [Video]

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of interviewing Cardiff-based filmmakers Joanna Quinn and Les Mills! The interview was part of les Sommets du Cinema d’animation, an annual international film festival based in Montreal. Cartoon Brew, who I freelance for on occasion, is a sponsor of the festival, which lead to them asking if I’d be interested in the opportunity.

Ummmm. Obviously!

So a big thank you particularly to Marco de Blois and Michael Fukushima for allowing me to be involved, and for the festival’s technical team for running such a smooth event.

Before you watch the interview, it would really help to at the very least watch the three existing Beryl shorts, which I’ve got listed below. While we do show some clips from the films, as well as some sneak-peaks from the new, fourth film, it’d certainly be more enjoyable with a full picture.

Here is a trailer of the new film:

Beryl Productions’ latest film, Affairs of the Art is due out in 2021 and I cannot wait for everyone to see it!

Past Beryl Shorts

These and more of Joanna’s films and commercial work can be found on her site.

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