I’m involved with a couple of podcasts you’re more than welcome to check out.

I started producing a podcast for the animation news site Cartoon Brew in May, and it’s been a fun and rewarding experience already. We have a few episodes out which you can always find here.

We’re working to get the episodes available on all major platforms, so please look out for it and subscribe on your favorite one.

pod sing se avatar the last airbender fan rewatch podcast

Pod Sing Se is my college friends’ and my ATLA rewatch podcast. We launched it May 15th–the same day that Avatar returned to Netflix in the US. We’ll be re-watching and discussing episodes weekly.

You can find it here, and subscribe with your favorite podcast app.

Occasionally, I join my friend Ric Meyers’ Action Film Autopsy! Ric posts episodes every other week, largely featuring interviews with top action and stunt professionals. For a while there, I was on there at least once a month doing a recap episode with all of the action films we’d seen since the last recap. 

You can learn more about Ric and his many talents from his Wikipedia.

Two episodes my audience might be interested in are our action in animation episode, where we talk about some of the shows that influenced us, as well as our action in video games episode.