Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity

Here are some individuals and organizations aimed at specific marginalized groups that could provide further resources to people. Please note that these are all based in the USA.

A research facility started by actress and activist Geena Davis, they seek to bring the cold hard data to studios and implore them to do better for women and other underrepresented groups. I previously wrote about  a talk by their NY office’s advisor Mary Ellen Holden I attended. Their site is packed with nuggets of disappointing information!
Started in 2018 to promote more LatinX people in the industry. It’s LA-based, so more of the events and opportunities are catered to that area, but they’ve had a few panels live-streamed which have been wonderful to watch, like this masterclass.
What started as a single Black in Animation panel at a convention turned into a whole dang organization with a panel series that runs various events through the years, and travels to various cons and schools. Each panel brings an amazing group of professionals in for honest conversations about what it’s like navigating animation as a marginalized person. You can see clips and some full panels on their YouTube channel.
Run by Deborah Anderson, who is an animation professional and educator, I especially want to highlight all of the work she puts into her Instagram and YouTube channel, where she creates advice videos, conducts interviews, and just really putting her knowledge and time out there to better the animation community and specifically help more Black artists break into the industry.

Run by illustrator Abelle Hayford, this is a massive list of Black artists divided into specializations. Sounds like the plan is to turn this Google spreadsheet into a full site in the future. In the mean time, forward this list to your studio’s recruiters so they can stop using bullshit excuses.

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