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Podcast Recommendations

These podcasts are worth starting at the very beginning and listening all the way through!!

Drawn: The Story of Animation

This was a limited series that ran in 2018, produced by Holly Frey for Cartoon Network. It’s a great overview of some really fun topics within animation. 

Black N Animated

Hosted by Breana Williams and Waymond Singleton, this podcast highlights Black artists, management, technicians, voice actors, etc.–just people across the board in animation, coupled with their experiences navigating a largely white dominated industry. They also talk about shows and films featuring Black leads. So the range of topics and stories and career paths is really wide, making this an fantastic resource for anyone.

Simply Robotix Podcast

Hosted by  Monique Henry-Hudson, I love this podcast because it’s about whatever she wants to talk about re: animation. There are your film reviews and discussions, interviews, and general topics about the work she does and events she attends.

Ink & Paint Girls

Probably the first animation podcast I started listening to, Ink & Paint Girls has over 100 episodes with interviews from women working in animation! The roles span the whole pipeline, and the work host Cassie Soliday and the team do to highlight different people is so dang important.

You Must Remember This

If you haven't watched a lot of old Hollywood, this'll be a little hit or miss. This podcast by Karina Longworth highlights the forgotten history of Hollywood’ first 100 years. While almost entirely live-action focused, there are some great animation-centric episodes.


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