Some of my favorite resources for those interested in storyboarding!

The page I've specifically linked is a massive treasure trove of everything you could ever want to learn about storyboarding, and should be required reading. When saved as a PDF, this single post is over 400 pages long. So get started. The rest of the blog, all run by animation director Ron Doucet, is also great, particularly his posts on the cinematography of The Incredibles.

Norm Lemay is a board artist at Disney and his drawings are phenomenal.  Griselda "Griz" Sastrawinata-Lemay is a character designer and VisDev artist at Disney whose style is the definition of charming. Together, this husband-wife duo are best known for their Tuesday Tips, weekly "cheat sheet" type nuggets of wisdom that so far have been collected into two constantly sold-out books in their shop. They are so, so generous with sharing their knowledge.

Lyndon Ruddy is a friend and former co-worker with over 20 years of animation experience. His class over at Aaron Blaise's site Creature Art Teacher is top-notch, and so helpful for beginners, pros, and everyone in between. Check out this hour-long preview video of his class. All of the courses on Aaron's site are amazing, and I can vouch for that, and can especially vouch for Lyndon's having watched through it multiple times. Lyndon really outdid himself with sharing insights that took him years to accumulate.

Temple of the Seven Golden Camels is a blog dedicated to storyboarding run by long time Disney story artist Mark Kennedy. It's another site that feels like an endless trove of interesting articles, videos, drawings, and what have you from around the internet coupled with Kennedy's own insights. He doesn't maintain it anymore, so some articles may be missing pics or have dead links, but it's still worth scrolling through. He also now shares a lot of tips on his Instagram.

The Storyteller Chronicles is industry story artist Camillo Clauser's site and YouTube channel dedicated to helping fellow board artists. I first met Camillo when he was an intern at Blue Sky's story department, and it's so awesome to see a friend not only excel in their career, but share their knowledge and make cool stuff. His YouTube channel is especially worth looking at, as there's some great interviews and just super solid, straightforward advice to help students and pros alike.