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Short Stack 1

It finally happened. Somehow, I’ve missed making weekly videos. The last of my 40 weekly thesis film production vlogs went up last July, and I’ve had a nice break from that particular brand of chaos ever since. But now I wanted to start another one I could do that was fun, won’t be as demanding in terms of production and research as some of the other videos I’m planning, and I can help spotlight other creators. So I’d like to introduce Short Stack episode 1:

As mentioned, it’ll be a weekly series where I spotlight three short films you can immediately watch right after my video.

And here are the films mentioned:

Carn (2012)

Directed by Jeff Le Bars

A Fox Tale (2011)

Directed by Thomas Bozovic, Alexandre Cazals, Julien Legay, Chao Ma

Rick-mensions of Dialogue (2019)

Created by studio Open the Portal

The 1-minute spot above was completed in around three weeks by a team of six people at the studio. Each handled a separate aspect of the production: boarding, puppet creation, lighting, animation, clay animation, and post.

And, the original film that inspired the Rick & Morty spot:

Dimensions of Dialogue (1982)

Directed by Jan Švankmajer

If you want to recommend your favorite short film, just leave a comment here, or let me know on Twitter or Instagram. Please just make sure that the full film is available online.

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