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Short Stack 6

Welcome to another week of Short Stack. These three in particular are pretty influential for me in terms of the how far people can push the medium. We have a gorgeous stop-motion music video, a solo CG project, and an amazing motion piece made by a team that is constantly pushing boundaries.

The Shrine/An Argument (2011)

Directed by Sean Pecknold for Fleet Foxes

Here’s a making-of video. It’s honestly not that deep but there are a few nice shots:

Pigeon Impossible (2009)

Directed by Lucas Martell

This was one of the first CG animated films I ever saw that I knew was made by only one person–that something like that was possible.

Fun fact: I was actually in an early story gag meeting for Blue Sky’s newest movie, and when I heard the premise of the new script, I mentioned that it sounded just like this short I knew, and that we should be careful. The directors laughed and told me it was the inspiration for our film, which would become 2019’s Spies in Disguise! They asked how I even knew it and I mentioned that the behind the scenes videos had left a big impact on me.

Here’s a playlist of the 20+ videos Martell made documenting the making of his film:

Good Books – Metamorphosis (2012)

Directed by Ryan Honey for Buck

There’s also some great little behind the scenes snippets on their site. Honestly, Buck is one of those studios that I actively seek out their work. I’m such a fan. It’s always so impressive.

If you want to recommend your favorite short film, just leave a comment here, or let me know on Twitter or Instagram. Please just make sure that the full film is available online.

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