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Short Stack 7

Hello and welcome to week 7 of Short Stack! You know the drill–three animated shorts for you to check out. So go check them out!

It’s Hip to Be Square (1988)

Directed by Candy Kugel and Vincent Cafferelli for Sesame Street

Kugel and Cafferelli run the NY-based studio Buzzco Associates, Inc. and did several animated spots for Sesame Street from 1988, with their last releasing in 2005. Here’s their site.

Love me some New York animation. : )

FIRE (POZAR) (2015)

Directed by David Lynch

Nostalgia (2020)

Music by Joe Hisaishi

Like I said in my video, I wasn’t able to find credits for any artists who may have worked on this. Maybe if your Japanese is better than mine you’ll have better luck. I’d love to know the process behind it–the actual animation seems auto generated but the camera work I assume was decided by a human. I’m also curious if Hisaishi gave any direction.

If you want to recommend your favorite short film, just leave a comment here, or let me know on Twitter or Instagram. Please just make sure that the full film is available online.

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