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[OLD] Tyrus Wong Documentary Streaming Free this Month

Tyrus focuses on artist and Disney Legend Tyrus Wong, and is a remarkable and humble film directed by Pamela Tom. I initially came across this film when browsing Kickstarter and knew that animation fans would help her raise the funds for this incredible story to be told. Since then, the film has screened in many festivals. Under-credited and treated poorly at the time, this film serves as a much needed reminder of the struggles that even the most talented people of color faced in America while trying to have their own “American dream.”

The film aired on PBS last week, and will be streaming on their site until October 8th, 2017 under the PBS “American Masters” series. Under this umbrella, the screening now concludes with a new interview by former Pixar artists and founders of studio Tonko House, Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo, as well as an excerpt from their 2014 Oscar-nominated short The Dam Keeper. I also recommend you check out the PBS site, as it contains lots of additional informative content.

Streaming For Free until October 8th!

Tyrus was a prolific artist across multiple mediums and industries, right up until his death last December, and I highly encourage you to learn about his life and let it inspire you to persist.

You can learn more about the film at its official website.

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