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One of our larger goals is to create educational and entertaining videos that delve into various topics in and around animation–whether that’s going into the minutia of a single character’s posing in a shot, to larger discussions about the cultural landscape of the artform, or the history of a particular studio.

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Why Analyze Animation?

This is the first video made for Animation Complex, and it’s where I share my feelings about why I think it’s important that animation should be studied and discussed just as much as we do with any other artform.

Short Stack

This little series was made as a way for me to share some of my favorite animated short films. Each is accompanied by a blog post linking to each of the full short films.

Thesis Vlog

When I graduated from SVA with my MFA in 2019, my thesis project was a cg animated short film, completed over the academic year. I documented the full 40 weeks I spend on the film in a weekly vlog, highlighting the various steps, tools, decisions, and obstacles to bring my film to life.